With the onset of COVID-19, the Spay Shuttle hasn’t been doing community outreach or spays/neuters – and for good reason! We want everyone to stay safe and be at home!

We’ve suspended our spay/neuter services for pets, but HEART and the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility wanted to donate our unused surgical masks (PPEs) to Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, where the staff on the front line can use our supplies (which are getting hard to come by because of the demand). We want to keep everyone safe, and we care about our community! We are honored that we could help Sharp Chula Vista.  We know pets are “people” too…but right now, the doctors and nurses at Sharp need help, too. We all work together to protect EVERYONE: people…and their pets. We love our community. Thank you to Sharp, along with all those “essential workers” out there who are still working their magic. We really appreciate you and all you do, and we look forward to serving you and your pets in the near future! We will get through this together.